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choose either kraft or white

Basic Box Styles or Types:

RSC: Regular Slotted Containers. These corrugated boxes are the most standard box in the industry, and the most familiar style. The flaps on this style meet in the middle of the box.
RSC  openRSC closed

FOL: Full Overlap Slotted Containers These corrugated boxes are designed so that all four flaps ( equal in size) cover the opening by overlapping each other. This design provides extra cushioning and protection.

FOL openFOL closed


HSC: Half Slotted Containers. These corrugated boxes have no flaps on the top. Can be RSC or FOL style on bottom.


FTD: Full Telescope Design. These corrugated boxes are two slotted containers one slightly smaller than the other that nest inside each other and can be adjusted to the size of your item.

telescoping boxes