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10 Apr 2004 - 22 Dec 2016
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The utilization of two unique pieces of machinery increases company production and minimizes overhead allowing Boxes Unlimited Inc. to reward our customers with additional savings.

Kwik-set: The Flatbed Die Cutter. "Boxes Unlimited Inc. will safely handle and store your dies with no additional charge for set-up."
This machine is:
  • Able to change dies.
  • Set-up production in less than two minutes.
  • kwik-setCuts all corrugated flute.
  • #1500 triple wall.
  • Solid fiber, solid plastic.
  • Corrugated Plastics, blister packs.
  • Label laminated products.
  • Sandpaper, vinyl, fabrics.
  • Upholstery, rubber, cork, leather.
  • Laminated foam to corrugated or solid fiber.
  • Foams up to 1" thick, foam core, carpet.
  • Large P.O.P. displays and slit score.
  • The flat-Bed Die Cutter cuts cleanly, accurately, and quickly.
Rite-size: The most universal box machine on the market today This machine is able to construct:
  • Rite-SizeRegular slotted containers (RSC);
  • Full overlap slotted containers
  • Half slotted containers (HSC);
  • Full telescope design style boxes (FTD);
  • Pads: one to five piece panel folders;
  • Meat boxes;
  • Easy-up for fast completion and small run orders;
  • Certification and number printing capabilities